Accountability PARTNER…WTW?!?! OMG WHY?!?!?

The definition of accountability per Webster is being obligated, being responsible for, knowing that IT IS ALL ON YOU! Ok, so I added the last part, but I want to make sure you know I get it & I want you to get it. So everyone is talking about getting & being accountability partners…I have not necessarily had offers, but I was TOLD by 2 persons (males just in case you happen to be of the nosey persuasion) that I AM now your accountability partner. One I blew off immediately & one I was immediately a little awe-struck that he was so willing to place me “in the fold”, “in the club”, “under his very EXPENSIVE wing”…Dude #2 is no light weight…knows his stuff & represents the next level for me…So it got me to thinking: Should you just let anybody be an accountability partner or should they ABSOLUTELY have to have certain QUALIFICATIONS? The answer is simple…your accountability partner needs to HAVE what you DON’T; Your AP needs to be STRONG where you are WEAK; Your AP needs to BELIEVE in your mission, passion, & destiny for success; Most importantly your AP needs to be at the NEXT LEVEL! It is their knowledge of getting there that is gonna help you define YOUR PLACE. Not a duplication, recreation, or mimic of how it was done, but a process, with YOUR AP keeping your feet to the fire & your nose to the grindstone, that will motivate you to DEFINE your ENTRANCE into the NEXT LEVEL & into YOUR DESTINY. Getting it in – Your Way.

Heres what I know – if you are not moving forward, then you are going in the wrong direction.



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