“Feelings are transitory; attitude is habitual. We will all experience a range of emotions in our lives, including joy and pain, anger and fear, anxiety and gratitude.”

This is the month of February. For most it is the month of amour, love, heart shaped boxes of candy, roses by the dozen, or some other trinket that is supposed to demonstrate how you

FEEL. For me February is the month I was born and the month of my un-anniversary. Not sure why, but I feel like engaging in a little bit of self-disclosure. Maybe because disclosure is an emotional/feel action…anyway my birthday used to be a REALLY big deal for me. I would CELEBRATE the entire month. I can remember last year one of my friends said (as a result of being a part of the month-long festivities) – “Boy am I glad to see February go!!” I have to admit we were tired and it was a momentous occasion because it was the 1st time I celebrated since February had also become the month of my Un-anniversary. Let me explain (more self-disclosure)…because February was so special to me…I got married that month; not only that month – but the day after my birthday! How COOL right?!?! WRONG. See what I never realized is choosing that day REDEFINED my birthday…it was no longer MY BORN day, but the day before my anniversary! Ok – get ready for the 3rd LEVEL of disclosure…I never made it to celebrate my 1st Wedding Anniversary…instead I was served with court papers by my spouse to appear in Magistrate Court for what-would-call-for-a-4th-level-of-disclosure, so I AM NOT going there…the point is my special day didn’t FEEL the same – it wasn’t my birthday, it wasn’t the day before my anniversary. It was the day before my Un-Anniversary…a sad & painful time for me because I FELT so differently about both days and the entire month!

Ok the rainbow-happy lining please, you ask? Well the reality: FEELINGS are not FACTS! They come and they go! I got OVER the demise of my short-lived marriage & realized (requires thought) – that February 21st – for me is once again the COOLEST day of the year and getting my “party-on” FEELS like the right thing to do! So just know this: “To FEEL something DIFFERENT, you ABSOLUTELY have to THINK something DIFFERENT”. #BOOM#

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