photo (26)Wow!!! I have been thinking about how complicated life can be by the choices we make. I had an epiphany today: not all of those choices are complex. Sometimes life is complicated by the simple choices we make. I realized the time and effort spent on my hairstyle choice was really causing me grief and clogging my morning ritual. The style I chose to wear takes at least 2 hours at a stylist (Shout out to Ivory’s Natural Hair Care) and at least 30-45 min for me to maintain the style.  A simple choice causing major time delays… Anyway, I realized I needed more time in my morning and my life. (I know to get more time – one has to engage in TIME MANAGEMENT, but that is a whole different conversation) – So what did I do? I decided to uncomplicate my life. Yesterday at 7:35pm I marched to a local barber shop, not even knowing if they would be open, (Yeah for work-a-holics like me!) and I transformed and found freedom in THE BIG CHOP (Shout out to Germaine McKinney @Next Level – I LOVE my “wash-and-go fro'”!)

I have now added 45 min to my mornings…Spending that time on my hair did not leave me feeling productive and when running a non-profit (Shout out to New Mind Health and Care), PRODUCTIVITY better be primier. So yeah, for the cause and the mission…

Anywhoo, a picture speaks a thousand words…Mine simple says a few – “now you see it, now you don’t – transformed and free…”

New Mind – “Changing Lives, One Mind at a Time”

*sometimes it my life and my mind- How cool is that?!? 🙂


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