LOVE: It Just Do What It Do


1. “Absence makes the Heart grow fonder” ~ Anonymous
2. “If You Love someone let them go. If they come back, they are yours; If they do not, they never were.” ~ Anonymous
3. “Don’t try to be in the Driver’s Seat of the Universe; Learn to be a passenger, accepting the site seeing stops along the way, accepting connections with those who will have something for you that is seasonal and transitional; having something painful and joyful; knowing deep in your heart – only YOU will hear the Driver whisper – “Last Stop” – knowing then and only then, you have come to YOUR DESTINATION in LOVE – the place where the TRUE ADVENTURES OF THE HEART will begin.” ~ CAROLINE CALDWELL, PhD (ABD)

We’re still in February so I am still talking bout Love! How we believe its magic should work and how we oftentimes believe we can manipulate it. Understand that I love LOVE. BUT ~ it is a feeling and FEELINGS are not FACTS. FEELINGS COME & the GO. Now having said that I think people believe they are supposed to feel the EUPHORIA of love when LOVING, all the time. That is a fools Journey. LOVE has stages and movements like an Aria! Up and down, back and forth, peaks and valleys! If you are in a relationship or married pretend YOU are a BOXER: Stick & Move; Bob & Weave!

As one of my favorite Ludacris lines says: ; Move, Get Out the Way!” ~ that would be ~ out of the way of YOURSELF… let the LOVE in your life run its course…YOU MAY BE VERY SURPRISED where YOU LAND…I know I was…


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