How to Single-Up Valentine’s Day?

imageValentine’s Day is a day of love. But it’s not necessarily a day of love and someone else. We have to recognize that we have to love ourselves even when we are really just “him” or “her”…on Valentine’s Day! That simply means that it’s okay to be single on Valentine’s Day!  It’s also okay to show yourself that you’re special! I mean it ladies and gents I expect that you take yourselves out to dinner, that you buy yourself that box of heart-shaped chocolate, that you send yourself some flowers!

If you’re like me and you’re really feeling sassy and really feeling the love for yourself, you’re going to go to your local massage salon,  lay down on the table, and let them take you to NIRVANA BLISS!!! Why? Because love begins and ends with each of us as individuals! THE LOVE you NEED is ALREADY INSIDE of You!  HAPPY VALENTINE’s DAY!!!!!


2 thoughts on “How to Single-Up Valentine’s Day?

  1. How fitting on this day of love. We all need self love before we are able to acknowledge our accountability partner. Keep I spiring us common folk Dr. Caldwell.

    • Thank you Xavier! There are no common folk – we are all the same! Just in different packages! It is wonderful to have someone in your life – but it is important to know you are not “less than” because the sum of your parts is not “2”! Again thanks for following & contributing! Happy Valentine’s Day!

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