I Want to be Like Water!! Don’t You?!?!?!?



“It is time to show the strength of WATER  and flow away…To stand is to be crushed, but to flow out is to gather with new strength.”  ~ Marge Piercy

So as you are reading the title, you are like WTW?!? Well I will tell you what in the world I am thinking by this: Spring is approaching and it is a time and a chance to “gather new strength”!  WATER is one of the strongest elements on earth! Water can’t be BROKEN;  water BLENDS (joins others easily); WATER can take the shape of container (flexibility); when WATER reaches a certain mass, it is an irresistible force (Who WANT some?!?! You DON’T want any!!).

We can learn from water by mimicking its strength against our obstacles; by moving concert with others, and by these acts we are indeed “gathering new strength”!

Elemental Success: strength of WATER; purity of AIR; solidarity of EARTH; appetite of FIRE.

“New Mind – Changing Lives, One Mind At A Time”


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