Necessity of Pain…Birth to Change

One often Learns more from 10 days of agony than from 10 years of contentment.

~Merle Shain~

Pain pushes us, sometimes gently, sometimes forcefully. It pushes us to make or accept changes in our lives. We do not always welcome change. Often the change even seems To intensify the pain. But in time are vision is cleared; we are able to see the need for the pain as it was the birth of the change.

I am not suggesting that pain needs to be the majority of our life space. There is also a need and a time for peace. Peace allows us to rest, peace allows us to grow, and become accustomed to the change that we birthed!

So let’s learn to celebrate both our hardships and our triumphs! They are both essential tools in character development and personal growth.

Maintaining a positive attitude will enhance the value of ALL of my experiences! I choose my worldview!

New Mind, Changing Lives One Mind at a Time


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