Reaching For the Stars

Reaching For the Stars

“Limited expectations yield only limited results”
~ Susan Laurson Willig

If you change what you feel, you can change what you believe, then you will change what you do, and ultimately your outcomes. Our thoughts determine our actions, and when our thoughts are negative, our successes are a few. What we hold in our minds is certain to be reflected in the days activities. We are capable of fueling our thoughts positively if we choose to. It is not calculus and it boils down to simple math: One plus one equals two and good choices equals good stuff and bad choices bad stuff! We grow from both experiences. It is ALL for your good!

We’ve heard it a 1000 times, accentuate the positive! Positive self-assessment and uplifting pep talks should be the food of habit for our desires! Our potential will become active and concrete and it will be great in its actual realization!

So let us meet every challenge with anticipation; let our expectations reach for the stars! Why?!?! Because, we already know it is one of the building blocks for our impending SUCCESSES!!! Keep reaching & keep achieving! New Mind believes in your dreams!

New Mind ~ Changing Lives, One Mind at a Time!


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