We All Have a “TODAY”!

“You had better leave your best and act your best and think your best today; For today is what is sure. Today is what is concrete. Today is your preparation for tomorrow and all of the tomorrow’s that follow.” ~
Harriet Martineau

As we move through our today, we need to remember what is done is done. What is said is said. We cannot undo the mistakes of yesterday or yesteryear. We need to be able to identify the barriers and obstacles that are blocking us from our today. Through this process we also need to make sure that we don’t contribute in any way to unnecessary problems for tomorrow. The reflection process in “real-time”, in “today-time”, means taking a look at your behaviors, your thoughts, your feelings, and your environment. You will know you’ve reached the end of your today –reflection, When you’ve identified and made the adjustments you need to make in order for your today to be exactly what YOU needed YOUR TODAY to be.

New Mind ~ Changing Lives One Mind at aTime!


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