I started 2016 the way I start almost every year. I start in a place that feels safe, sacred, and spiritual. Sometimes that place is at a church or place of worship. Sometimes that place is in my home surrounded by my family or family and friends. The year 2016 started in a small church surrounded by my immediate family.

My normal practice is claim and confirm that every gap will be filled from the following year; confirm in the purpose God has for myself, my family, my friends, and associates.

I believe in speaking life and I believe in the laws of positive attraction. I believe that although everything WILL NOT go your way, if you plant GREATNESS you will reap BETTER than GREATNESS. I believe you will always have the strength to get through the tough spots. I choose not to believe in impossible. I believe in difficult. I believe that failure is a necessary building block in the pursuit of knowledge. Mostly, I believe that life is what we perceive it to be and that we have to be able to see what seems insurmountable is only difficult, but never impossible.

So, I choose these reflections at this time because I needed to lean on what I know regardless of what I see and feel. My mother has been in the hospital with a very serious condition for the past week. It has been difficult caring for her and a step-father who has cancer, but I prayed for her recovery and she is being released today. My step-father continues to live his life to the fullest and is content that he has his wife home with him. I am so grateful.

My first day back to work is a tour of a local prison. Maybe I should say I experienced a local prison. For those who don’t know, I am a reentry provider for people and families who are affected by the criminal justice system. I had the opportunity to talk with inmates, who are only asking for an opportunity to better themselves while incarcerated and then a second chance in society so they can become the contributors they weren’t before. I see first hand the failures of the criminal justice system in providing effective rehabilitation. I see first hand the unwilllingness of that system to address or fix what they willing admit is broken. It makes my heart hurt and I unashamedly cry tears and vow to do something, to fix what I can while they are still incarcerated, while I still help those who are released via New Mind Health and Care and the ReFlight Curriculum. Through my plea for advocacy others join with me and in 10 minutes there are  3 initiatives via Leadership Greenville Class 42: a book drive, a partnership with Greenville Tech to help with education certifications, and the commitment to research how an industry standard certification can be obtained for work experience.  Again, I am grateful.

My second day back to work: I Co-Chair on a Board of Directors for a wonderful program that helps people move past race issues. I feel like each person on this Board is family. We all work so hard for the organizational vision. Meetings are held at our homes where we welcome each other and fellowship as much as we tend to business. I am notified today that one of the beautiful people on this Board killed herself last night. The pain I feel has me numb and dumbfounded. This person was a joy to be around. She was so full of light in her presence. She voiced the future. She was artistic,  kind, smart, and beautiful. She inspired me every time I saw her. I am better to have known her. I am grateful.

I choose life. I choose love. I choose perserverance. I choose purpose. I choose to battle. I choose to struggle.  I choose to win. I choose to be grateful. At all times. I AM GRATEFUL.

#NewMind #LetLoveBeYourBrand


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