Greenville County Council Votes to Kill Anti-bias Ordination

Look at this group above. Eight White men, one White woman, and one Black man. There are only 10 Greenville County Council people present and there should be 12. Missing is one White male and one Black female. I am not naming names, because that is unimportant for now. What is important are attacks due to race, gender, orientation, and creed are an acceptable practice for the majority of White men on the Greenville County Council. Tonight like thieves in the night, they slayed an Ordinance that would protect marginalized groups from biased attacks. They called a vote before a second reading could happen 6 to kill and 4 to support (Fant, Kirven, Seman, Ballard). As sat in the council chamber and heard the whispers of the literal assassination, I felt like I was transported through time with the hymn of “We Shall Overcome” stuck in my throat. This is 2020, but it could very well be 1918 or 1960. If you are not registered to vote, please become. If you are sick of hatred, privilege, and supremacy ignoring the safety of marginalized people, run for office and do what Bob Marley instructed; “Run those crazy bald heads out of town!”

I will not stand by! I will rally and I will fight you. I will bring my friends. Hear me GREENVILLE COUNTY COUNCIL (Dill, Barnes, Cates, Taylor, Meadows, Tripp) YOU, your racism, and your disregard will not win.

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