Mistakes are necessary: We are only human

You’re only human, you’re supposed to make mistakes.

~ Billy Joel

Listen to the current voice inside. Listen to the voice that tells you you’re good enough. Listen to the voice that tells you it’s okay to make mistakes, because you learn from them. Listen to the voice that tells you to go to your meeting even though it’s cold outside and you’re late and you have no idea what you going to say and you’re tired. Listen and let that voice become more and more clearer. Listen and welcome it into your heart. Talk with this voice, ask it questions, and seek it out when you need a friend.

This voice is your higher power, your spiritual guide. Listen to your spirit Guide when it speaks to you. Listen to your higher power when it tells you what a great person you are and that your future is wide open and full of wonderful things.
New Mind – Changing Lives, One Mind at a Time!

Believing in the Unseen – Reach!

I believe that imagination is so much stronger than knowledge. Myth’s are far more potent than history. Dreams are more powerful than facts. Hope always triumphs over experience. Laughter is a major cure for grief and Love is stronger than death. Live Happy…#newmind #changinglives #letlovebeyourbrand


Respecting The Moment

In this life it is so important to “respect the moment”! It is imperative that we receive and experience the energy, events, and individual nuances that touch us spiritually, emotionally, cognitively, and physically. Life is an experiential experience! There are some “trips” on this journey called life that you can plan, BUT remain open to “detours”!! Remember they are just another way to get you where you are destined to be! They are sometimes a way to introduce you to another perspective!!! Another way to initiate a paradigm shift that will catapult you to the next level! Respect the moment… By doing so, you open your soul to the surprises of God & our universe! #newmind #changinglives #letLoveBeYourBrand

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